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Buy Ugg Boots each other team exactly once and

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The identification problem for simultaneous equations is solved by the well-known rank condition which gives a necessary and sufficient condition for the parameters to be uniquely or statistically identified by linear restrictions. This paper formulates and solves another problem: Given a set of linear restrictions, which conditions should they satisfy for most parameter values to be identified? The main result of the paper is Uggs Australia Outlet Uk a simple algebraic condition on a set of linear restrictions that guarantees that most parameters satisfying the restrictions are uniquely identified. A Buy Ugg Boots single round robin tournament (SRRT) consists of nn teams and a set of periods. Matches between the teams have to be scheduled such that each team plays against each other team exactly once and each team plays at most once per period. In order to establish fairness among teams, we consider a partition of the teams into strength groups. Then, the goal is to avoid matches where a team plays against extremely weak or extremely strong teams in consecutive periods. In this paper, we pick up two concepts ensuring different degrees of fairness and address several questions which remained open so far.

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