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The pressures on the roof of a 6 m cube in open country are considered. These show significant similarities between the instantaneous pressure distribution during an extreme event Cheap Ugg Uk Sale and the mean distributions. High local suctions are observed during oblique flows but for larger areas the design load may occur during more orthogonal flows since the flow is more highly correlated. It is shown that while quasi-steady methods may fail to predict local short duration suction peaks, the approach is effective in predicting the pressures Fake Uggs Uk For Sale on even moderately small areas of the order of 3% of the total roof area. The morphology and axis of retrograde atrial activation have been well defined: a negative deflection in leads II, III and aVF, reflecting a frontal plane axis of −31 to −100 degrees.1,2 Retrograde P waves upright in the same leads are well documented3 but exceedingly rare in clinical electrocardiography. When observed in association with broad ventricular complexes, they can be mistaken for upright P waves of sinoatrial initiation and can be responsible for resulting misdiagnoses.4 An example of ventricular tachycardia with positive yet undoubtedly retrograde P waves is described below.

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