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The identity status, narcissism, and use of defense mechanisms of 89 college seniors who had previously been assessed as they entered college (Cramer, 1995) was determined. As compared to earlier follow-up studies, fewer students were found in the Foreclosed status, and more students remained in Moratorium. Support was found for the previously made predictions that change in identity status would be associated with change in defenses and narcissism. Students who advanced to higher identity statuses made less use of defenses and showed higher narcissism. The purpose of this paper is to confirm the inference from an experiment reported in a previous paper (Morimoto, M., Iida, K. & Furue, Y., Applied Acoustics, 38 (1993) 291–301) that auditory source widths perceived in different sound fields with the same degree of interaural cross-correlation are equal to each other, regardless of the number and arriving direction of reflections. In this Cheap Uggs From China paper, the Cheap Ugg Boots Uk method of constant is used in the experiment, instead of the method of adjustment which was used in the previous paper. The results confirm the conclusion inferred in the previous paper.

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