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Neveu–Schwarz ghost slivers in pictures zero and minus one are constructed. In particular, using algebraic methods β, γ ghost sliver in the −1 picture is obtained. The algebraic method consists in solving a projector equation in an algebra, where the multiplication is defined by a pure 3-string vertex without any insertions at the string midpoint. We show that this projector is a sliver in a twisted version of β, γ conformal theory. We also show that the product of Replica Uggs Suppliers the twisted b, c and β, γ ghost slivers solves an equation that appears after a special rescaling of super VSFT. In this comment, I discuss the dominance of Anglophone geographical literature in Greece, arguing that it is a recent and still contested phenomenon, to do with broader historical/political circumstances, as well as with the development of geographical studies at university level. In the context of the power-knowledge system, in Ugg Outlet Uk Sale which Anglophone debates, theory production and spaces of academic communication and exchange dominate, radical academics in Greece are caught in a complex web of contradictions, have to negotiate their/our paths across languages, plural voices, local and international communities.

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