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In 1990 Brualdi and Liu (J. Graph Theory 14 (1990) 483) introduced the concept of generalized exponent for primitive Boolean matrices. In the study of generalized exponents, we focus on problems of the following three types: (1) To determine the maxima (namely, the exact upper bounds) of all kinds of generalized exponents; (2) To characterize the extreme matrices completely; (3) To determine the sets of exponents (including the existence of gaps and their distributions). In this survey we will describe respectively the developments of these problems in recent years. The standard synthetic discriminant function (SDF) generalizes well. That is, it recognizes objects represented by, but not included in, the training set from which it is synthesized. However, it also correlates with objects not represented by the training set. That is, Ugg Outlet Uk Online it does not discriminate well. Conversely, the minimum average correlation energy (MACE) SDF discriminates, but does not generalize, well. By using a power spectrum normalization procedure, Genuine Ugg Australia Boots a parametric SDF which generalizes better than the MACE SDF and discriminates better than the standard SDF is obtained.

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